Capsule Wardrobe

We live in a world with constantly changing fashion trends, and with so many different options, it is hard to choose which items to put in your wardrobe, so we shop and buy one or two pieces, or more, and cram and pack our closets. With so many options we can’t choose what to wear, or put an outfit together. We walk into our closets and think “I have nothing to wear!” even though our closets are overloaded with clothes!

Then you walk into the closets of celebrities on tv shows and pinterest and see closets that look like this: 25 Celebrity closets. And we are yet again bombarded by the idea that we need really full closets to live a full life.

I wasn’t ok with my closet being like this! I hated walking into my closet, especially when I’m in a hurry, and having that sinking feeling that I had nothing. I have tried everything to avoid this kind of thing, however, I always felt like I still had nothing to wear. I tried the 40 hanger closet, and it never worked to have all my winter, spring, summer, and fall clothing into 40 hangers. I mean really, who can do that? I had to find a solution that solved this problem! I started looking into minimalist wardrobes.

What I found was a capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a phrase first coined by an owner of a boutique in London back in the 70’s. But the idea was popularized by an American designer in 1985.

The idea is any set number of pieces that extremely easy to mix and match. Something along the lines of the 13 going on 30. The number of pieces is going to vary person to person, lifestyle to lifestyle. For instance, I am a stay at home mom, so my day to day wardrobe, and number of pieces in it, is going to look very different than someone who works an office job, or almost any other job for that matter!

My Capsule

Then I stumbled across Project 333. This concept worked for me! Project 333 gave me room to get those really versatile pieces, but a few louder, crazier pieces as well! If you followed the link and read the rules of project 333 you saw that it includes shoes, jewelry and scarves, and all accessories. I chose not to include jewelry, because that is not something that I struggle with when I get dressed!

Project 333 is a capsule wardrobe comprised of 33 pieces that you change out every 3 months. This allows you to change your clothing with the seasons. I will likely have a handful of pieces that are in every season’s capsule, like my jeans, tanks, and a pair of shoes or two. I started with my spring capsule, I started a bit early, so I will be using this capsule for closer to 4 months.

I am looking forward to building my summer capsule come mid- May. and every capsule after that!

My Closet

capsule wardrobe

Yep, all of those clothes were in my closet, well, not all of them, some of them were in a box!

capsule wardrobe-2

All my shoes and my little helper counting them!

capsule wardrobe-3

I sorted everything out and counted! 152… thats how many pieces I had, shoes and all!

capsule wardrobe-4

My closet after… 33 pieces. Almost. I left an empty hang for a white t-shirt, and a second pair of jeans! Also, I also left 4 “secret” pieces in the back A heavier sweater, a pair of boyfriend jeans that are my “goal” pants (stupid holiday sweets! lol!) a hoodie and a dress that the hubs likes!

Just the Beginning…

This is just the beginning of a journey that will likely take quite a time investment. I look forward to this phase of life, bettering the quality of our life. I once heard it said “The quality of your life depends upon the space in your life.” Owning an abundance of things, and staying overly busy, filling that space with things that have no greater value than simply owning them, is not going to increase the quality of your life. Now I’m not saying, that I am going to get rid of everything.

Minimalism isn’t about having as little as possible, or doing without useful things. It’s about having enough but not too much. It’s about not being bogged down by things we own. There are two quotes that come to mind.

The first- “The more things you own, the more things own you.”- Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

And second- “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”- William Morris

I want the space in my life to be only partially full, and with only beautiful and useful things. I want to life a full healthy life with my family, and not be burdened down by useless junk taking over my home!

Follow me and watch for a post later this week for the beginning of the pare down!